Above The Law Dewey Leboeuf Like A Boss Lonely Island Meme

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Above The Law Dewey Leboeuf Like A Boss Lonely Island Meme

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Above The Law Dewey Leboeuf Like A Boss Lonely Island Meme
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Above The Law Dewey Leboeuf Like A Boss Lonely Island Meme

That's impossible cause that boot has a cover that covers lugnutts, there's no way he could have gotten that off!! Just saying :-)

This action turns the administrative offense into a felony.
So does cutting the lock to gain access to the lugs.


That could wind up as a felony. Not good, certainly not for a parking ticket.

Brilliant, especially since the wheel and tire are worth so much more than the stupid ticket.

Even if it costs more to get a new tire than to get the boot removed, it doesn't matter!!! He still gets to put the middle finger up and plus this is a wayyy cooler story than, i got a boot and had to pay the fine! Lameeee. What this guy did is, legend, wait for it, dary!!!!

People hate getting caught breaking the law! Karma, karma, karma. He has many tickets he hasn't paid for and that is why certain cars get booted, not for a once time violation.

A plasma cutter can make a good jig saw puzzle out of that wheel lock. All you need is the lighter plugin, a power inverter and a 110 volt plasma cutter that can cut at least 3/8 steel...don't forget a couple liters of water too cool down the steel so it won't burn your tires.

no, not impossible. some are poorly designed and older so they dont have those. people get smarter!

This is a Free Country But People Forget Its Free and Forget we Have People Dieing Daily To Protect the Freedom . . . and This Person Thought he was a free person who was going to drive to pay the Ticket instead of walking to go pay it . Free Means Free Not Free Untill we decide we don't like the persons actions I Feel the Cop or the City should be brought up on charges of destruction of Privet Property Its not there car to place a boot on it might have scratched the rims Come On People what did our Fathers / Sisters and Brothers die for Freedom <-- and There is no Stipulations on Freedom Not in a free Country we Buy the cars we buy the land we pay our taxes they don't need to tell us what we can and can not do Wright a Ticket then GTFA Thats what i say if ever pulled over I Don't pay taxes to heara cops BS i say this ( Do you know why i pulled you over ) Answer : I Don't care Wright the ticket and go away then I pay the Ticket and Move on with my day we know this country wrights tickets and makes more laws just to make up for the money lost overseas and bad spending in our Capital and our City's But our Troops Died for the freedom our Family's Died For it its Ours Don't Let Morons Take it away saying that Bad Coffee if no rules would lead to death thats just Retarded Keep The Constitution as your RULES to live by thats what our Troops Die For Respect the Troops don't let there deaths be in vain

i cut mine off , they did not have my permission to put something on my car so why do i need permission to take it off if i can , it was a pvt car park i always parked in no one told me it had changed and no way i paying £125 so some ass can take his property back off my car

Being able to get around is in direct correlation with one's ability to maintain employment, provide for a family, and other necessities. I think it's crap that they can disable someone's car because they didn't park in the right zone. His solution is American ingenuity at its best baby.

The boots I've always seen cover up the lug nuts, more like a clam shell. Guess this is why these models were retired. .

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