Don't Ever Trust Your Freaking Employee

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Don't Ever Trust Your Freaking Employee

By Pining Funzy Pics
Don't Ever Trust Your Freaking Employee
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Don't Ever Trust Your Freaking Employee

I will start by saying how sorry I I'm for all the ??????? student who wanted to rent one apartment in Sofia in the 1-15 September period and who did not find anything because according to Mila, the Rinf/Shoreo employee there where NONE available.
Allso how sory I'm for all the Broker renting agencies wich enter faliment in the best period of year.

29/8, 11:27am  Radu
so do you think we can see any apartments this week or there are no apartments for rent in Sofia?
29/8, 11:29am Mila
Well, I have showed you two apartments  ...

After the Sunday arrangement with the Broker to see 3 apparments Monday.
2/9, 7:26pm  Radu
isn't the broker supposed to show us some apartments today ?

<B>Sep 02 2:52 PM  roxana:m-am enervat ca a zis ca mai cautam dupa 15  ....<b>

3/9, 11:07am  Radu (TUESDAY!)
so how about seeing other apartments, that broker said he will show us some yesterday and he 'suddenly' don't have anything until tomorrow, this does not see too normal
3/9, 11:11am Mila
He said he has 3 apartments available that he can show us but not before Tuesday night
But the thing is that since you move in Catalin apartment, you should stay there up to 25 somewhere

------ (well 3/9 is Tuesday ... and night is reserved for Striptis Clubs ---------

3/9, 11:18am Mila
I have showed you enough apartments in the criteria and area and budget we have in terms of my job description
3/9, 11:16am  Radu
    tuesday night wtf is this bullish ?
    why Tuesday night at what hour at 12 ? 1, 2
    5 am
3/9, 11:17am  Radu
    and tuesday is tonight
    so do we see them tonight ?

3/9, 11:17am
Obviously we wont see anything today

------ and Obviously you definitly wont see anything in the next 2 weeks and you will not move this month ... you stupid Rinf employee

3/9, 11:18am  Radu
why not ???

3/9, 11:21am  Radu
I believe there will be stuff available after the last vacation days, so 9th of September
well I believe the apartments will be taken by people who need to stay in them and will not be SHIT

re: Roxana
pai da pt ca nu exista apartamente intre 1 septembrie si 15 septembrie pt ca noi trebuie sa stam pana pe 25 septembrie acolo ca cineva ma crede retard .. sa imi bag picioarele ce m-am enervat
?? ??????? ??????????? ? ?????!

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