The Biggest Flesh-eating Catfish

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The Biggest Flesh-eating Catfish

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The Biggest Flesh-eating Catfish
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The Biggest Flesh-eating Catfish

all catfish are " flesh eating" because fish are cannibals. bigger eat the smaller until you get to the prey that eats the plankton. nuff said. now onto the fish at hand. is it a big goddamn fish? yes. would i shit my self if i reeled it in. possibility. but biggest? no in the mississippi river. divers have went down to pull vehicles and other non naturally occurring aquatic material out from below dams. and have seen catfish so large they held their arms out and couldn't span the width of the head. fish are what is known as " indiscriminate growers " they dont die from age. they die because they eventually cant sustain their hunger and starve. hence why you never see the big ones that eventually do die. is because they sink. when a fish dies and goes " belly up " its because of the food in their stomach and the air in the swim bladder.

Actually not all catfish are "flesh eating" there are several herbivorous species of catfish, and even a few plankton feeders as well. Comparing this species of Bargarius to Pylodictis species is just plain stupid they are set up completely different. One is designed to rip chunks of flesh off a bit at a time the other crushing and swallowing prey whole. Not to mention the goonch has a taste for human flesh considering it feeds on corpses the natives set out into the river. The phrase you were searching for is "indeterminate growth" which the defenetly is a bit off too. The animal doesn't die because it can't sustain itself, it indeed dies of old age... Just never stops growing. Once again though not all catfish have this trait.

thats not fake..thats a devil catfish or a goonch cat fish..thats also jakab 1 of the famous monster fish catcher or fish warrior...ived seen this video in nat. geo wild...

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