Thats Such A Dream House!

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Thats Such A Dream House!

Very pretty, though I hope you wouldn't have to park at that bottom of the hill! I'd need a garage up around in the back. Also, I'd want to hire some young fellow to mow that slope and a gardner/landscapist to tend to the beautiful hydrangeas, impatiens and shrubbery. Oh, and a handyman to treat all that exterior wood. But I'm being overly practical, yes? A nice looking home indeed!

It's better to live in a shack with warmth and love then a mansion with cold and hate.

I know others have pointed that there are way too many steps, but, there are way too many steps.

did you know-when you run on the steps to up you loose 1300kcal!..so this is very useful for fat people.

I want to live forever here, only with people who i love...Those people are my mum, sister, dad, and my boyfriend....People don't need too much people...
And OF my animals ?

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