Miniature White Pomeranian

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Miniature White Pomeranian

By Pining Funzy Pics
Miniature White Pomeranian
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Miniature White Pomeranian

Just looked them up...it's real..Miniature White Pomeranian!! Will only get to 5lbs max!!!

ES, the dog is REAL! It is a teacup pomeranian. :)

I think it is a Bichon-Frise. It was very popular with French aristocracy back in the day. Hair grows like crazy though I've heard. It is supposed to be great with kids and very long-lived..

That's what my mom would call "cat bait". While it IS cute, I would love to know what the fascination for such small dogs is. They're--more often than not--neurotic and yippy. Give me a Lab, German Shepherd, or Rottie any day...

It's a "Pisseranian"....or at least that's what my ex always referred to ours as....peed everywhere while you were asleep at night-no wonder he wasn't in a hurry to go out in the a.m.'s....lol

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