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Frozen Bubble is an addictive game where you must launch frozen bubbles into each other. If you match at least three of the same color, then the bubbles will fall from the playing field. The goal is to shoot down all the hanging bubbles.

Freeze Bubbles!

If the game doesn't load, that means that you need Java. To start the Frozen Bubble, click anywhere in the game window with your mouse. Then press the up arrow (fire key) to begin. Left and right arrow keys aim the cannon, the up arrow fires a frozen bubble. The ceiling moves down a little after every 8 shots fired. Use the up arrow key to advance to the next level

Do you enjoy playing Frozen Bubble? Here are some Quick Tips for you:

  1. Try to find a placement for the next bubble before it becomes active.

  2. Frozen Bubble will release the bubble if you're thinking too much.

  3. You can bounce the bubbles off the walls, like in the other bubble games.

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