Play Bubble Trouble Flash Game - Miniclip

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Play Bubble Trouble Flash Game - Miniclip

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Play Bubble Trouble Flash Game - Miniclip
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Play Bubble Trouble Flash Game

A well known game, Bubble Trouble is very straightforward: move the little devil with the arrow keys and hit space to release its grappling hook to pop the bouncing balls. It is amazing to see how well the game play was designed. It is especially fun to see the Bubble Trouble game getting harder and harder as you reach that one extra level.

To pass a level at Bubble Trouble you must pop all bouncing balls before the time runs out. The problem is, when you burst a ball, you split it in two. Then you have two balls to pop. Each of these balls can be split in two smaller ones and so on, accordingly to the level you are currently at. You have to keep splitting the bouncing balls until they disappear.

Do you enjoy playing Bubble Trouble? Here are some Quick Tips for you:

  1. Collect the falling symbols (coins, time) to gain bonuses.

  2. Play Bubble Trouble with a friend! Player 2 keys: C, V, W.

  3. The faster you pop all the bubbles, the more points you'll get.

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