Sniper Assassin: Part 2

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Sniper Assassin: Part 2

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Sniper Assassin: Part 2
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A great sequel for Sniper Assassin 1, the game sends you in a quest to avenge the death of your wife. A quest that requires a lot of finesse and nerves of steel from your part. A cool shooting game, fun to play, just too short and maybe too simple. No worries though; when you're done, check out Sniper Assassin 3 for some extra revenge.

Sniper Assassin: Part 2

Identify your target, use your mouse to aim and... Fire! However, like in any real-life situation, lives are at stake and you can't just go around killing everyone. Always take out the guards first. Unlike your usual shooting games, in Sniper Assassin 2 you have to be patient and stealthy. Read your briefing carefully to understand the objectives; unless you want to fail.

Do you enjoy playing Sniper Assassin 2? Here are some Quick Tips for you:

  1. You can't just kill the old man. Look around: how can you make it an "accident"?

  2. Don't bother; the ransom level is broken and due to the glitch you can't beat it!

  3. The code for the next mission is: persuasion. In this mission, use the lamp to increase fear.

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