Cool! Play Balloon Tower Defence 4 Hacked Game Expansion & Cheats - Free

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Cool! Play Balloon Tower Defence 4 Hacked Game Expansion & Cheats - Free

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Cool! Play Balloon Tower Defence 4 Hacked Game Expansion & Cheats - Free
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Balloons tower defence games by Ninja Kiwi have a whole history behind them and literally millions of playing sessions worldwide. Over 90% of flash players like these games - which also scored 9 out of 10 - and it's easy to become addicted to balloons once you get their taste, so to speak. Balloon Tower Defence 4 is no different and can keep you entertained for hours whenever you feel bored and want to make the time pass faster at school or at work.

Monkeys Shooting Balloons

The balloons monkeys are not tired; if anything, their appetite for popping balloons has grown even stronger, if such thing is possible. Balloon Tower Defence 4 gives you almost unlimited replayability. Buy the "towers" from the side bar on the right and place them strategically around the road in such a way as to maximize their efficiency. As in other balloon tower defence games, you will unlock new towers as you level up. Mare sure you read the free tips bellow this page.

The latest balloon TD game, Balloon Tower Defence 4 blasted completely the competition with
its improved graphics, replayability, playing modes and the new added features.

TIP: There are achievements in Balloon Tower Defence 4, usually for tracks completion.

Find out the easiest strategy to unlock all defense towers after the jump...

This balloontowerdefence4 strategy should easily get you to wave 100.

  1. Start with the beginner map on Easy mode;
  2. place 1 Dart Monkey (basic tower);
  3. gain a few levels to obtain Tack Shooter;
  4. build Tack Shooter, not so close to the money;
  5. gain a few levels more to obtain Bomb Tower;
  6. place a couple of Bomb Towers (they can easily destroy all balloons except black);
  7. to pop black balloons you have the Tack Shooters;
  8. build Banana Farm to earn more money;
  9. use the Ice Tower to slow those balloons;
  10. build a Mortar Tower; set its target anywhere you like.

We wish you good luck at defeating the Balloon Tower Defence 4!

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