Xeno tactics 1 - Play Free Online Flash Game

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Xeno tactics 1 - Play Free Online Flash Game

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Xeno tactics 1 - Play Free Online Flash Game
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A cool sci-fi take on tower defense games, Xeno Tactics is awesome! If you're not careful, you'll end up playing Xeno for hours. The aliens (Xenos) are trying to escape from a secret research facility through an area with no military defenses. You are the only thing standing between them and the outside world. You have to stop them!

Perfect Organisms

Their structural perfection is matched only by their hostility. A modified version of Desktop Tower Defense, Xeno Tactics is a really fun game to play. You're going to take charge and set up some automated defense turrets to stop those Xenos from getting out and contaminate the planet surface. Fast-paced, easy to pick up and master, a great tower defense game.

Xeno Tactics brought back memories from childhood when we used to watch terrified the Alien chasing marines on the dark corridors of the spaceship Nostromo. Run! TIP: Build a maze with your turrets for the Xenos to navigate through. This will make them take longer to reach the exit.

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