Play Gem Craft Chapter 0 labyrinth - flash game

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Play Gem Craft Chapter 0 labyrinth - flash game

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Play Gem Craft Chapter 0 labyrinth - flash game
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GemCraft allows you to unleash your magic tricks and fight your way through the wilderness to find what you've been searching for your entire life... the Gem of Eternity. This marvelous gem holds true magic powers: it can provide the holder with eternal life, it can command demonic creatures and open gates to other worlds. In this defense game tower turret you secretly embark into a journey towards North to find the gem, but the journey is full of dangers. Will you make it?

Play Gem Craft Chapter 0 labyrinth - flash game

Are you into the whole defense game tower turret scheme? Well, then you must know the drill: build couple of towers, kill couple of enemies, upgrade the towers, build a couple more towers and the cycle repeats itself. Boooring! Well, not in GemCraft, and this is where this game really separates itself from the competition. Towers in GemCraft cannot be upgraded; you just have to upgrade the gems you put on top of them instead, by combining them to create more powerful gems.

GemCraft is rather difficult for beginners. If this whole defense game tower turret idea was easier to understand and pick up, then definitely GemCraft would be played a lot more than Cursed Treasure, which really stands out from the gem tower defense games genre. Are you ready to begin your magical journey sorcerer?

GemCraft is a great gem tower defense game and gives a whole new perspective to the defense game tower turret concept. Drag the gems to move them around in your inventory. You can combine the gems or even throw them at enemies.

TIP: If you combine two different types you get both abilities but with decreased power.
Therefore, if you want to use the special ability of a gem, combine it only with gems of the same type/color.

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