Cursed Treasure 2 Game - Dont Touch My Gems

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Cursed Treasure 2 Game - Dont Touch My Gems

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Cursed Treasure 2 Game - Dont Touch My Gems
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Cursed Treasure

Are you into tower defense games? Well, then you must know the drill: build couple of towers, kill couple of enemies, upgrade the towers, build a couple more towers and the cycle repeats itself. Boooring! Well, not in Cursed Treasure, and this is where this game really distinct itself from the competition. Except from the upgrading choices you get for your towers, there's also the... talent points. You get these skill points by successfully completing a mission.

You usually get three skill points after you win a level. You can use the talent points to enhance your towers and to get various bonuses such as one extra gem, extra gold for killing your adversaries, reduce spells cost. If you're into gem tower defense games, Cursed Treasure is a must play, no doubt about it. You were looking for great defense tower online game? Well, look no more! What are you waiting for? Just... don't touch my gems man!

Cursed Treasure was designed for Armor Games and, in our opinion,
is the perfect gem tower defense game ever created.

TIP: Hold SHIFT to build multiple towers.

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