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Tetris Game Online

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Tetris Game Online
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By now you've probable played all our free Tetris games and you feel pretty good about yourself... How about playing 3 Tetris games at the same time? Think you can do it? Here's the deal: switch between games with the space bar. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks and the 'X' and 'Z' keys to rotate the blocks. X&Z was an uninspired choice in this Tetris game online; they could have used all arrow keys since space bar makes the switching.

TriTris: Triple the Challenge

Anyway, on the top of each game the next shape is shown; think ahead and devise a strategy where the next building block will fit. If you can! Good game; makes you think, gives power to the player. The Tetris game online has what it takes to sharpen your reflexes. Highly recommended for Tetris fans who want more challenge from the good old game.

Do you enjoy playing the Triple Tetris? Here are some Quick Tips for you:

  1. If you're new to Tetris, start playing on a single board, then two, and then three.

  2. Push the down arrow to make the blocks fall faster than normally.

  3. Don't rush! Whatever time you have in this Tetris game online, use it wisely!

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